From advisor to full-time commitment at Eletive

A couple of years ago, I joined Eletive as one of the earliest team members. At the time, we were just five people working out of a small room in a high-rise building in Malmö, Sweden. Space was tight, but the vision was vast. I was the first developer to join in Sweden. We were embarking on a journey to create the best engagement platform and the ultimate people success platform.

From advisor to full-time

I first connected with two of Eletive’s founders over a lunch meeting. They had heard about me through a recommendation on Facebook. Our conversation felt like a job interview, focusing on startups and my experience. At that time, I was deeply involved in another venture, Servitant, and had no plans to take on additional responsibilities.

However, we discussed a potential arrangement where I could become a technical advisor for Eletive. This prospect intrigued me as it aligned with my passion for building companies and technology, allowing me to contribute without losing focus on my existing commitments.

Eventually, the allure of Eletive grew stronger. I transitioned from being an advisor and part-time consultant to a full-time employee. By the time I joined Eletive full-time, we had moved to a spacious new office at Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö. Initially, we wondered why we needed so much space, but as time went on, we expanded our office area six times to accommodate our growing team. Today, Eletive continues to thrive and expand its mission to build workplaces where people can truly thrive.

The journey of growth


Reflecting on the early days, the transition from a cramped room to a sprawling office symbolizes more than just physical growth. It represents the exponential progress we’ve made in creating a platform that enhances employee engagement and success. Our team has expanded significantly, and the impact we’ve made in the industry is something I’m incredibly proud of.