The role of fun and self-leadership in personal growth

Technology has always been a source of joy for me, and building companies brings a similar sense of fulfillment. Over the first two years at Eletive, there were several all-nighters, but the satisfaction of securing each customer made those long hours worthwhile. Today, with multiple development teams and a thriving mission to build workplaces where people excel, I continue to thrive by focusing on what I find fun and rewarding.

Have fun


For me, the key to thriving is to engage in activities that I genuinely enjoy. This approach provides me with the energy and patience to learn and evolve continuously. The distinction between work and play blurs when you’re passionate about what you do. Whether it’s putting in 4 hours a week or 80, the outcome is always better when I’m having fun. When the enjoyment fades, productivity and creativity suffer, regardless of the time invested.


Creating a platform that enhances engagement and performance has broadened my perspective beyond the technical realm. As a developer, I often view the world in binary terms—right or wrong, one or zero. However, the complexities of human behavior are far from black and white. Working on Eletive’s platform has been an eye-opener, helping me understand the nuances of human interactions and leadership.

Using our tool internally has significantly improved my self-leadership. By honestly engaging with the tool’s feedback and acting on its advice, I’ve gained deeper insights into my workload, stress levels, sleep patterns, and other personal metrics. This transparent self-assessment has allowed me to manage my hours effectively, find even more enjoyment in my work, and continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Growing together

As Eletive grows, so do I. The process of using our platform not only helps me contribute to our mission but also fosters my own development as a person and colleague. Balancing fun, self-leadership, and continuous learning ensures that I remain energized and engaged, no matter the challenges we face.

Reflecting on my journey, it’s clear that the blend of fun and self-leadership is essential for personal and professional growth.