Time for change - Starting new company

Time for change - Starting new company

It is time. I am founding a new company with a friend. But let’s take a step back so I can shed some light on my recent years.

Most of my friends know me for managing my company, as I did for about 15 years. As a one man show and with more than 15 employees, and with outsourced development in India and Poland. In 2012 I realised that one missing piece in my business life was a business partner. Someone who would push me when I am about to give up and someone to share everything with. So I decided to try to be an employee, thinking that I would have a chance to get to know more right people, and maybe there find a future co-founder there. Now after almost four years of employment and two employers, I have realized that a co-founder is not crucial, but a good team and a clear vision and goals are.

Unexpectedly, a friend of mine Christer Braaf called me and wanted me to be part of a new business(more about that later). After thinking hard, I have decided that this is what I have been looking for. We have a clear vision that we firmly believe in, and we are two partners and will soon be three. This is going to be fun!

Now, for this startup, and others in the future, I know who I would like to have on my team. Let’s see if I can convince them to join. Stay tuned for more information.

Image: ‘Fear and fun’ CC BY Vern