Finding a house/apartment in the alps -Work anywhere

We all talk about working from anywhere in the world but still most of us go to the same office everyday, sit by the same desk and infront of the same screen even though the screen usually is on a macbook. In my quest to work from anywhere I now want to be able to work for a month or two in Austria and get my dose of Skiing and mountain views. This years SnowSprint inspired me to try little harder to find a house in the Alps. Do you know anyone who has a house that I can rent for 3-10 weeks some time during January to March 2016 that doesn’t cost a fortune?

Renting a house in alps during high season is not cheap but I don’t need a house in the middle of the slope. I even prefer a house or apartment closer to a city where me and my family can do more activities then just skiing. Closer is a relative term where good train connection to a city is as valuable as staying in the city.

I have friends in the Dornbirn and Innsbruck area so those two places would be of interest. New places like Salzburg are also of interest but how is the skiing around there? Maybe I should look for something in France too? I have been checking out houses on AirBnb and found few but the price range is from €1500 to €10.000 for a period of four weeks.

What I think I need is a house/apartment big enough to accommodate my family (4 persons) and maybe have some friends (4-6 persons) over for few days. I need good internet. The house should not be far away from great skiing and easy access to airport incase I need to visit customers :)

If you have any suggestion that you think will help me make this true, please contact me! By the way maybe someone is interesting in renting my house? A beautiful house in south of Sweden, with good internet, garage and very close to Malmö, Copenhagen and their airports. Skabersjövillan