Slow is faster

In both work and life, the principle of “less is more” holds true. Recently, I’ve embraced Zone2 training, a method that emphasizes running at a slower pace to build endurance and efficiency. It’s surprisingly challenging to keep a low pulse and run slowly, but the results speak for themselves. I recently achieved a personal milestone by running 22.5km.

This principle applies beyond fitness. In our fast-paced world, we often rush through tasks, believing speed equates to productivity. However, slowing down allows for greater focus and better outcomes. By simplifying tasks and taking deliberate, measured steps, we can achieve more.

Reviving this blog and documenting my journey is part of this approach. Running slower and longer mirrors the need to slow down and focus in other areas of life. As we age, our bodies may slow down, but our minds can remain sharp. Balancing physical endurance with mental clarity is the key to managing daily challenges and achieving our goals.

Remember, sometimes the fastest way to improve is to slow down and embrace the process.

Zone2 Jogging